Blowers, also known as Air Movers, Fans, or Carpet Dryers is a tool used as part of a drying process by Water Damage Technicians to dry out homes or businesses after they’ve been flooded.

These Blowers, or “Air Movers”  are a very important part of the drying process (along with water extraction, ample dehumidification, and suitable temperature conditions which I will write about in a future blog).

The main purpose of air movers ( blowers ) is to remove the wet air near the surface of the water-damaged materials. This area is called “The Boundary Layer”.

Removing The Boundary Layer

“Very near a wet surface, especially in stagnant air, the adjoining air is saturated: the humidity near the surface is at 100%Rh (relative humidity). The condition of the air next to the saturated air is layered in degrees of saturation. Next to the saturated air-mass, the humidity is 99%, then 98%, and so on until, at an inch or so away from the wet surface, the humidity is the same as the ambient air” *

What these blowers are designed to do so well is continually remove this wet boundary layer and replace it with warmer drier air, therefore, allowing evaporation to continue at a much faster pace. Also as a secondary benefit, most fungi won’t grow in areas with rapid airflow.

Thus, these Blowers (Air movers)  will greatly increase airflow and speed the up drying process, and will minimize the likelihood of mildew growth.