What started as a few cases, COVID-19 (commonly called ‘coronavirus’) has grown rapidly into a nationwide crisis. Cases continue to rise exponentially due to its high contagiousness and being the first pandemic in recent times. Thankfully, with some small changes to your day, you can significantly reduce your risk of getting sick.

Wash your hands

We tend to take handwashing for granted. It’s one of the best ways to fight infection and prevent yourself from getting sick. You don’t need special soap, either. In fact, studies have shown antibacterial soap isn’t more effective than traditional soap. What’s more important, however, is the technique you use to wash your hands. Here are the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC):

1. Turn on the water.
2. Wet your hands, then lather them up with soap. Be sure to scrub under your nails, on your wrists and on the backs of your hands.
3. Scrub for 20 seconds.
4. Fully rinse of your hands under the water.
5. Turn off the water and dry your hands with a paper towel or clean hand cloth.

Cover coughs and sneezes

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. If you use a tissue, immediately throw it away and wash your hands.

Don’t touch your face

We use our hands for just about everything, so that makes them a prime target for viruses. Touching our face allows the virus to enter our body potentially through the eyes, mouth, or nose. Avoid touching your face if possible; if you have to, wash your hands thoroughly beforehand.

Keep your distance

Staying away from people will reduce your likelihood of getting sick by airborne viruses. It’s recommended you stay at least three to four feet away from others at all times.

If you feel under the weather, it’s strongly advised you stay home. Check your local health authorities to see what their instructions are for recovery. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, use your phone to call for medical attention. If you’re looking to disinfect your office, home or condominiums, be sure to call Puritan Restoration. We’re utilizing ULV foggers that applies an EPA-registered disinfectant to all areas like walls, ceilings, desk, chairs and upholstery that may missed by traditional cleaning methods like a spray bottle and rag.

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