Top 9 Water Damage Repairs After a Fire!

Top 9 Water Damage Repairs After a Fire

Top 9 Water Damage Repairs After a Fire

For over 40 years, Puritan Restoration has been serving the greater Boston area of Massachusetts. We specialize in mold removal, water damage restoration, reconstruction, and fire restoration.

Fire is perhaps one of the most challenging restoration jobs because of the amount of water damage that occurs. For the home or business owner this can cause much stress.

Open flame and smoke requires a significant amount of water to extinguish the fire which is usually toxic and dangerous. In addition to the financial cost, we empathize with the discomfort this causes. Fortunately, our team at Puritan Restoration has the knowledge and experience to restore your peace of mind. We are well equipped to handle this type of water damage restoration and help you through this difficult time.

This blog was set up to educate you. With this in mind, the goal of this article is to provide you with some insight on what must be done to repair the water damage after a fire. In this article we provide you with details on the top 9 water damage repairs.

Top 9 Most Common Water Damage Repairs After a Fire

The Top 9 Most Common Water Damage Repairs After a Fire

Restoration contractors are hired by insurance companies after a fire because we have professional training and understand the complexities required to restore a home or business.

For instance, after a fire, it is not just a matter of figuring out what needs to be replaced or repaired. Yes, this is super important, but a clear picture of the extent of water damage that occurs is required. In most cases some water damage is evident, but it is the damage that is not readily evident that must be addressed because excess moisture can lead to mold. So the goal is not just to replace and repair, but also restore and ensure that all the excess moisture is addressed to prevent future indoor air quality issues.

It is also important to understand that even a small fire may require lots of water, leading to water damage. This is the reason that you should always contact Puritan Restoration because we are professionals that will ensure that we address and fix the top 9 water damage repairs below.

1. Cleanup

Cleaning is a priority. Once the damaged and destroyed items are removed, the cleaning phase begins. The purpose is to disinfect. This process usually occurs multiple times during the water damage repair using safe disinfectants.

2. Mold Removal

Mold prevention is very important. The key is to dry out the area and check with a moisture meter. We have written extensively about mold and the potential health concerns it can cause.

Unfortunately, after a fire, mold may be difficult to control simply because it is much harder to begin drying out because there is so much damaged debris that must be removed. There are many types of mold. Black mold, also known as stachybotrys, is particularly dangerous. To minimize this type of mold growth, we focus on cleaning and examining all areas of the property to make sure we have a solid drying and repair action plan.

3. Wood

Porous materials, such as wooden flooring and furniture absorb water fast, meaning there can be extensive damage.

Any wood that is severely wet should be removed.

Even though there might be some temptation to keep water damaged flooring, cupboards, and/or doors, the best and safest option is to throw it out because highly porous materials are susceptible to mold growth.

4. Ceiling

Another area susceptible to significant damage after a fire is the ceiling.

Since damaged ceilings could collapse, it is imperative that this area of the home is examined carefully. In most cases, ceiling panels will need to replaced, while other types of ceilings may need to be replaced completely.

Inspecting and restoring damaged ceilings after a fire is a difficult job, requiring the expertise of professionals.

5. Drywall

Drywall is a sponge for water, so it is recommended that it be removed after a fire.

The other major concern, the wood behind the drywall. If the drywall has sustained significant water damage, then the wood behind it has sustained significant water damage too.

In some instances, if the the drying process begins soon enough, some drywall can be salvaged by drying it off, but there will be areas that must be taken out and replaced.

6. Caulk and Seal

Standing water is another concern because it can compromise the seals around bathtubs and toilets. If these seals fracture or become loose, this could lead to significant damage.

To minimize damage, it is important that the area is first cleaned and disinfected. Once this is done, all seals should be examined and replaced with new caulk.

7. Electrical

The electrical components in your house, as well as the wiring beneath your walls, may have become damaged to the point that they now present a fire danger.

Your electronic equipment, such as laptops and televisions, were most likely damaged by the fire, smoke, and water.

These should be replaced in many situations and may be reimbursed by your insurance.

If you are not qualified, call a professional immediately if you believe that your electrical systems have been damaged.

8. Damaged Carpet

After significant water damage, carpets can contain mold and other dangerous substances.

Some carpets and rugs can be rescued, while others will have to be ripped up and replaced.

It is difficult to check carpets and determine if they are salvageable or not, so you will need to invest time and care in thoroughly drying and cleaning them.

9. Drying

You don’t want any moisture to remain after water damage has occurred.

Drying out your house or business should be a priority and something you are continuously addressing before, during, and after repair.

Use fans to circulate air in each room, and dehumidifiers in areas that have suffered the most water damage.

Industrial dehumidifiers may be required in extreme circumstances, in which case you should consult with a professional.

Peace of Mind!

Peace of Mind!

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The goal of Puritan Restoration is to restore your house or business and give you peace of mind.

This can take time, particularly if there is lots of water damage or structural damage.

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